How does it work

Specifications for individual participants


Enroll online

anytime until August 31st at the latest; new users could enroll using the link at the bottom of this page, while existing users could enroll from their personal account.

You'll receive an email with payment details

and you'll be listed as "payment in attendance" in the participants list; upon receiving your payment, you'll be allocated a BIB number and your status will be updated to "confirmed".

Start from January 1st, 2024

but if you learned about us at a later time, you could join anytime until August 31st at the latest. Your mileage since the beginning of the year will be considered, too.

Eligible activities

walking (powerwalking or hiking), running (outside or indoors), cycling (outside or indoors), inline skating, swimming (outside or in the pool), nautic (paddling, rowing, etc) or winter sports (ski, snowboard, skating, etc); when and where you choose.

Activities input

automated for Strava and Garmin Connect users; if you use other platforms, check with Strava, it is highly likely that you'll be able to connect them. If you don't use any platform, you could input your activities manually.

Progress Table

updated in real time (total mileage, climbing gain, location on the virtual route, etc). This is not a hierarchical classification!

Get to know Romania

as you advance on the virtual route, you're presented with interesting details about the places you "went through"; you could also explore the area you "arrived" in, with Google Street View.

Transfer to other distance option

shorter or longer, within the same sport: free of charge, by June 30th, 2024 at the latest; once moved, it is your responsibility to fully cover the updated distance, in order to be awarded the Finisher status.

Transfer to another sport

is not allowed; you could add another sport at a later time by enrolling online and covering the participation fee for the respective package.

Finisher status

is awarded, together with the event Diploma and medal, to all participants who fully cover the distance option they chose, by December 31st at 23:59 at the latest.

Participants enrolled in Duathlon or Triathlon packages

are awarded the Finisher status upon successfully completing the distance options in all sports they chose.

Optionally, as a supplement

You could take part in the Teams challenge


When enrolling

or at a later time, each confirmed participant can create or join a team from their personal account.

Team members

enroll individually, so they can chose their sport/s and distance options, on the "national" routes (which constitute their individual challenges).

Team progress

mileage contributed by each team member add up (regardless of the individual sports) and define the team progress on the chosen virtual route (the 22.519 km terrestrial route or the 40.075 km equatorial one).

The Teams menu

provides all details on the list of enrolled teams, their progress and location on the global virtual route.