Make use of the kilometres you run in your workouts in the real world to take part in a virtual race across Romania!

“Run Romania!” is a virtual event which offers participants both an extra motivation to remain active in this period when many races in the real world are postponed or even cancelled, as well as some interesting information about the places they “visit” on their way to the Finish line.

An ultra-marathon between the most Western (Start from “Triplex Confinium”, the tripartite border of Romania, Hungary and Serbia) and most Eastern points of the country (Sulina beach)! We don’t meet at a real Start line; we all do our regular workouts in our place of residence and we convert our real life mileage and advance on the virtual map towards the Finish.

There are two distances available: the 986 km (one-way) option, and the 1972 km (way-and-back) option. All participants who successfully complete the option they registered for until Thursday December 31st, 2020 by 23:59 at the latest, receive the Finisher status and the personalized belt buckle of the event.

Eligible activities: running (outside or on a treadmill) or walking (power-walking, hiking); participants have the freedom to chose when and where they want to exercise (respecting all legal requirements in force in their jurisdiction, of course!).

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