HOSPICE was born out of a dream. A man, who knew the pain of his parent fighting cancer, decided to do his best to help the Romanian children and adults who were diagnosed with the same merciless illness. In 1992, Graham Perolls opened the way for palliative care in Romania for those who were diagnosed with an incurable disease. In most European countries this type of care is included in the national health system and most of the patients may have access to it. In Romania though, up to the moment that the HOSPICE Casa Sperantei Foundation was established, the palliative care concept didn’t even exist, more than that, the national medical system offered very little support to those diagnosed with an incurable disease.

HOSPICE Casa Sperantei offers both children and adults, who are diagnosed with an incurable disease, the possibility of being admitted in the accommodation facilities, the possibility of being visited at home, social assistance, psychological counseling, physiotherapy sessions and other activities under the supervision of specialized staff in the day centers.

Since 1992 until now, almost 40.000 people who found themselves in an unfair race for life, found solace at HOSPICE. The patients and their families got support when they needed it and found out how they could keep their dignity while facing their illness.

The entire support system of the foundation is offered free of charge and unconditionally to patients and their families, regardless of their financial situation, social status or background.

The organization is acknowledged as a benchmark when it comes to palliative care training, offering specialization courses to professionals in Romania and abroad.