Sports enthusiasts, we have a big surprise ready for you this summer! You’ll still have the opportunity to complete your collection of medals, even if a lot of real races have been canceled!, a platform launched in June 2020, promotes in Romania the concept of “virtual race”, rewarding movement of any kind with a real medal!

The principle of the platform is simple: you register for a race, make sure you cover the distance proposed by the organizers in due time, upload your results on the platform (as a picture with the number of steps in your mobile phone application), and at the end of the race you will receive the finisher medal and diploma.

You can take part in these races anytime and anywhere in the world! You can run, swim, walk or bike, be on mountain trails, treadmill, gym or even participate on other races, and your efforts will be rewarded. Your own pace will bring you to the finish. The virtual races have a predefined distance (5km, 10km, 15km, etc.), which you can cover at once or you can divide it into several races, as long as you fit in the allotted time.

Part of the proceeds of the platform are redirected to two of the largest non-profit organizations in Romania: Autism Voice and Hospice Casa Speranței.