“Run Romania!” is a virtual event with real kilometres, which promotes an active lifestyle and the overcoming of one’s own limitations, meant for anyone from absolute beginners to experienced athletes.

We offer participants an extra-motivation to remain active, by playing one or multiple sports, frequently, during the whole year, as well as interesting information about the places they “go trough” on their way to the Finish line.

This isn’t a competitive race! It is meant for each to improve themselves, to be slightly better today than yesyerday.

Participants don’t meet at a real Start line, but each does his/her regular workouts in their place of residence (when and where they like) and gradually uploads the real-life mileage into their account, thus advancing on the virtual map towards the Finish line. Kilometres covered in real-life races are also eligible to upload.

One can take part:


There are 5 different sports to choose from: walking, running, cycling, swimming and nautical sports, and various distance options for each sport:
Walking: Short (300 km), Middle (600 km), Long (way 983 km), Long (way-and-return 1.966 km);
Running: Short (300 km), Middle (600 km), Long (way 983 km), Long (way-and-return 1.966 km), Long (circular 3.004 km);
Cycling: Short (way 983 km), Middle (way-and-return 1.966 km), Long (circular 3.004 km), Long (circular-and-return 6.008 km);
Swimming: Short (100 km), Middle (250 km), Long (500 km);
Nautical Sports (kayak, canoe, rowing, stand-up paddling, etc): Short (500 km), Middle (1.000 km), Long (1.500 km).

People who are super-active could also combine any two or three sports, for any distance options; for these multiple options, there are discount packages.

As member of a Team

You enroll individually, according to the options above; from you account , you can then join a team. The team is created by the Team Captain and might contain up to 40 members. The mileage done by all team members (regardless of the sport) is added to define the advance of the team on the virtual route.

The event is offered during the whole year 2022:

  • the official Start is on January 1st;
  • enrollments remain open until August 31st;
  • you can modify your distance options until June 30th;
  • the teams must be completed by May 1st;
  • all participants who successfully complete the distance option(s) they enrolled for until December 31st by 23:59 at the latest gain the Finisher Status and will be awarded the event personalized Belt Buckle or Medal, according to the option they expressed during registration.

“Run Romania!” is a challenge, for sure, but one which is totally achievable with grit, consistency and determination! It matters less how fast one gets to the Finish line, and far more to successfully get there: to find the strength, discipline and determination to persevere to the end!

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