The idea behind this event

This is not a competitive event!

Why? Because – as it takes place virtually – it isn’t possible to do a fair Table, in the classical meaning of the term, which will honestly and correctly compare the performance of all participants on the same scale, for the following reasons:

  • participants run in the real world on different routes, under different conditions;
  • the “timing” (well, the measuring of distances, respectively) is not done by an independent observer, but by the participants themselves. We assume that everyone is well intended and we’re convinced that participants would not try to cheat themselves just for the “glory” of a title.

Hence, we’re not interested that much in who would finish first, but rather that all participants find their motivation to go all the way and to successfully finish the option they enrolled for, within the deadline.

The “race” is, therefore, rather of each with him/herself, and not so much with the others. The idea isn’t to “beat” the others, but to improve ourselves! Now, the fact that others might motivate and inspire us is more than welcome 🙂

Of course we applaud and admire the effort of those who’ll finish first, but we’ll equally congratulate the Slowest Finishers! The Determination not to give up, the Consistency and the Inner Will to succeed are equally worthed, as the performance of the quickest athletes!

These are the reasons for not offering special prizes to the quickest finishers, but presenting all Finishers – be it the quickest or the slowest – with the same object, to wear with pride an to remind us both the good moments and the difficulties we overcome in order to achieve it. And to give us confidence that from now on we could achieve anything we set our mind to!