Do I have to run daily?
No, you could run (or walk) as much as you want, any day you like; just organize yourself to cover the whole distance within the deadline.

Which activities are accounted for?
Running (outside or on a treadmill) and walking. Both regular training and competitions. Biking activities aren’t counted in this event (be it a regular or elliptical bike, etc). Distances covered during regular, daily activities (such as walking inside the house or running errands or walking to work, etc) are not counted. Participants should only report activities meant specifically as training or races.

I did a mountain run with a lot of elevation gain. Are the vertical meters going to be taken into account and converted into a equivalent distance on flat land?
No, we only account strictly the distance showed by your device. The virtual route has as well an elevation gain of 12.473 m+ 🙂

If I enroll online after June 1st, 2020, would the kilometres I did so far be counted?
No. Your mileage will be counted from the date of your confirmation as a participant.

May I transfer to the other distance option?
All participants have the right to one request to switch to the other option, as follows: those from the 986 km option: anytime until Aug. 31st, 2020 at the latest; those from the 1972 km option: anytime until July 31st, 2020 at the latest. The request is free of charge, but once operated it becomes definitive and it is the sole responsibility of the participant to successfully complete it by the end of the Event in order to be awarded the Finisher Status.

How do I submit my mileage?
For each eligible activity, please fill in the Mileage Report Form available by signing in into your account and include the link to your Strava, Endomondo, RunKeeper, etc activity. If you don’t use such a platform, please e-mail the screenshoot of your device screen or a readable picture of your running watch (showing the distance and the date) to:

Which precision is used when submitting distances?
Two decimals.

Could me and my friends we take part as a relay?
No. This is an individual event. But you could invite them to take part alongside you, as well! 🙂

Are there any special prizes for the first finishers?
No. Please see The Spirit of this Event for details.

When and how I’ll receive my Finisher Belt Buckle?
Your Belt Buckle will be shipped to you after January 1st, 2021, by post.

I don’t reside in Romania, may I take part?
Yes, you are welcome to “run” our beautiful country.

How do I pay the participation fee?
By Bank transfer:

  • Amount: 25 EURO (includes the international shipping costs of the belt)
  • Beneficiary: SIGHTRUNNING
  • Bank: ING Bank
  • Swift Code: INGBROBU
  • IBAN (account number) RO03INGB0000999906285778
  • at “Payment details” please mention: „taxa participare Alearga Romania!” and your name.