Privacy Recommendations

Participants have the freedom to decide if they want to include links to their activities or not and all activities which are manually added can be saved without including a link.

For activities imported automatically (from Strava or Garmin Connect), please keep in mind that the links to the respective activities are visible to the other confirmed participants. They are not visible to the wider general public visiting the website, but anyone who is confirmed as a participant could see them.

Here are a couple of general privacy recommendations:

  • as a rule of thumb, don’t start or finish recording your sport activities right in front of your home;
  • alternating routes and starting times could also be a good general privacy idea.

Furthermore, in both Strava and Garmin Connect it is possible to decide who has the right to see your activities (only you, the followers you approve or everyone).

In both platforms above you can also create a privacy zone around an address, such as your home, to hide your start point on publicly shared activities. It’ll also hide your end point if you finish inside the zone. You’ll always see your full route, but others will only see the middle of the route.

These Privacy settings and lots more are available here:

We strongly recommend that you check all those privacy setting available above, and set at least the following two:

  • allow only the Followers you approve to view your activities;
  • set a privacy zone around the place from where you usually start / where you usually finish your activities.