They are finally ready: the official t-shirt(s) can be ordered starting today!

We designed two options, and if you cannot decide which one you like best, you can order both 🙂

The t-shirts are created from scratch: the graphics is printed for each size on a separate sheet of material, and then the various parts of the t-shirt are cut and sawn together according to your size (so the design is not printed on an existing white t-shirt, but this is created from scratch).

The t-shirts have different shapes for men and women (they aren’t unisex): the women variant has a V-shape collar and is more tight on the waist area, while the one for men features a round collar and a more “neutral” shape.

We chose the particular company which produces them as we worked with them before and we’re confident in the quality of their material and the impeccable finish of our graphics.

We haven’t forgot the kids neither! The two options are available for them as well (see options E and F). The sizes can be ordered according to their age (kids options are unisex: round collar, neutral cut).

The price of the t-shirt is 89 RON (about 19 euro), to which you have to add the price for international post (or national, if you prefer it to be mailed at a domestic address here in Romania, if the case) that you pay upon receiving the parcel.

In order to reduce the mailing costs, we also thought to offer you the option of sending a single parcel for more people who wish to share the shipping costs (for instance, all runners form the same club / family / town / region / work colleagues, etc).

Before ordering, please check which size fits you: women, men, children.

The details for the payment by bank transfer are:
Beneficiary: SIGHTRUNNING | Bank: ING Bank | Swift Code: INGBROBU
IBAN (account number): RO03INGB0000999906285778
at “Payment details” please mention: „tricoul Aleargă România!” and your name (or the name of the person your are paying for, if the case).